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Category: US Drop Shipping Services (AKA US Wholesale Selling Websites)
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Doba Review

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We have awarded Doba our prestigious Silver Award in this category, having reviewed 17 US Drop Shipping Services. Read our review below to find out why...

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Doba is one of the best drop shipping websites. Why? From the clearly set out website, intuitive features and navigation make it so simple to use, even if you're completely new to drop shipping. Whilst not being the biggest, it has the best quality product range of any site in this category and some of the lowest prices, which are arguably the most important factors when choosing a drop shipper. It doesn't have as many features as some other sites, but it does have all you need to make your business a success without all the add-ons that can suck you dry and that you don't really need anyway.

Doba already has an impressive reputation in the drop shipping industry. It's been an eBay Certified Service Provider since 2004 and is a member of the Better Business Bureau, having met exceptional standards of business acumen and customer service in its field. The co-founders of Doba.com have authored best-selling books including 'Drop Shipping for Dummies', so they know what they're talking about. Doba.com doesn't stock products itself, nor is it a 'middleman'. Rather, they've worked hard to create relationships with the best wholesale suppliers and manufacturers across the USA and bringing their products to a single selling platform, Doba.com. This means that you can access over a million products and hundreds of suppliers all in the one place. In addition, you get weekly 'Doba Deals', featuring 10 specially discounted items of which you're notified on Twitter or email.

At the time of this review there were 1,640,084 products in the catalog. Unfortunately you can't view products, suppliers or prices until you've signed up. As a general rule you can expect to place an average markup of between 35-75% on a product, as you can find some of the best drop ship prices on the web here. products are arranged into 9 principal categories; 'apparel, shoes & jewelry' (244,652 products), 'automotive, tool & industrial' (127,153), 'books' (541,123), 'electronics & computer' (75,242), 'games, movies & music' 161,789), 'health & beauty' (20,940), 'home, garden & living' (248,946), 'kids, baby & toy' (13,146) and 'outdoor and sport' (55,337). It's also possible to browse products by category and you can find 163 drop ship suppliers here. When browsing product thumbnails you can click on a product for further information. It's possible to view product name, image, wholesale price, retail price (this gives you a good idea of what you can charge for that product), specifications and dimensions, brand, condition, detailed description, shipping details and more.

There's just one level of membership available, which makes it nice and simple. You won't find ecommerce website memberships or custom web design here. Instead, for just $59.95 per month you get a range of relatively straightforward but invaluable features. The central feature is that you get immediate access to the product and supplier catalog, consolidating all products and suppliers in one convenient location. The advantage of accessing multiple suppliers in one place can't be overstated, saving you time and money. You can search the catalog by keyword, category, supplier, brand, price and more. You can also place orders and track their progress in one central location. It's also easy to follow and manage products you're interested in selling by setting alerts and notifications, e.g so as to be notified when a particular item is running low on stock. You can edit prices, product details, shipping costs and then save in your own inventory list to be uploaded later to your own online sales platform, whether it be an auction site such as eBay or your own website. It's also possible to export hundreds of products at a time to Excel for easy formatting. Adoba.com also uses API Automation (Application Programming Interface) to integrate their product details with your selling platform so that products are updated automatically. 

In addition you also get research tools including an Elite Seller Report each month, explaining the month's top-selling products, as well as an ecommerce library of articles. It's up to you whether you act on this information or not. There are also online drop ship articles to read for free to help you understand the principles of drop shipping and boost your business. In addition to all suppliers being carefully verified by Doba.com, your mind is further put at rest by their fraud protection policy; if a purchase you make comes from a fraudulent dealer you're entitled to up to $500.00 compensation per instance. Moreover, Doba guarantee that you won't get a lower drop ship price using a similar drop ship service or dealing directly with a supplier.  

In addition to all of this you also get customer support when you need it, by phone and live chat (Monday-Friday, 7.00am-7.00pm MST) or postal mail. You can also find plenty of help and a useful FAQs section on the site. It's easy to sign up and takes just a few minutes. Remember that you'll need a valid email address and payment method (se above). You can also enjoy a 7 day free trial. If you decide it's not for you then you can cancel anytime and no money will be taken.

Doba.com gives you everything you need to optimize your online business whether you sell items on eBay or sell on your own website. With the best product range, membership terms and know-how, you need look no further when choosing a drop ship website than Doba.com.

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