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Productsourcing.com is a neat-looking drop ship website that aims to help you deliver quality products to your customers with the minimum of hassle, leaving you to concentrate on sales. You can join for free, giving you access to thousands of products that you can resell on your website or online auction page such as eBay. Whilst the approach is fairly simple and lacks some of the features found on other sites, you'll find plenty to help boost your business, including the opportunity to upgrade and use special tools to make your eBay selling more efficient.

At the time of this review the basic product catalog contained 47,392 items, which is quite a modest range in comparison to some other sites in this category whose inventories run into the millions. That said, quantity isn't always everything. In the case of Productsourcing.com, the product quality more than makes up for the smaller product list; that said, you'll still find over 47,000 products here, more to keep most members going for some considerable time. However, whilst the choice is great in some categories, e.g. 'electronic and computer' (33,077 products), 'home, garden & living' (3,923) and 'outdoor & sport' (1,024), it's poor elsewhere. E.g. 'kids, baby & toy' (277) and 'books' (2). 

You can browse products in a number of ways; tabs allow you to view products buy category,supplier, brand, price range and quantity. You can also filter products (by those missing images, out of stock, discontinued, refurbished and premium products). There's a basic search to help browse and you can save the results of searches too, which is a rarity on drop ship sites. You can click on a product for more detailed information, including wholesale price, minimum suggested retail price (which helps guide you when setting prices), stock available, estimated shipping cost, drop ship handling fee and product specification). You can also click on a tab to watch an item, 'push' an item to eBay, order an item or leave feedback about that item. There's a very detailed section containing a lengthy description of the product, supplier details and the returns policy for that product.

There are 2 types of membership to choose from. Basic Membership is free and gives you permanent access to all 47,392 products in the catalog once you've signed up. This allows you to use product information and images by copying and pasting to your website or auction page. You also get eBay and eCommerce online training guides, teaching you things such as business basics and fraud prevention. However, the selection is limited to 4 articles for Basic Members. In addition, it's possible to upgrade to Premium Membership, for which you'll have to pay a monthly subscription of $39.95. What you get for this is access to an extended product catalog containing 164,0084 products from 163 suppliers. You also get a 'Push to eBay Tool', allowing you to list items swiftly on eBay with just a click of the mouse. To further enhance your eBay selling you also receive a 'Data Export Tool' comprising a spreadsheet file containing product data that can be interfaced with your website. You also get 117 eBay and eCommerce training articles (as opposed to 4 in Basic Membership). It's worth upgrading if you sell a lot of products on eBay, as it saves so much time and effort that would otherwise be spent copying and pasting product information. There's no ecommerce website membership though, which you might expect to see here. However, if you're serious about selling you might consider subscribing to the 'Smokin' 100 Report', your monthly guide to the best products on sale'.

Signing up and managing your business on the site is a relatively simple affair. A number of tabs at the top of the homepage allow you to access all your account details, product catalog, sales history and preferences. It's only possible to ship items within the USA, and information on shipping and fees is included on the site. Generally, speaking there wasn't quite as much guidance as you might expect, especially for those new to drop shipping. Likewise, the FAQs section was disappointing. However, there's telephone and email support should you need it. 

Productsourcing.com does things relatively simply and, for the most part, does them well. Not many drop ship website offer free membership, with a great range of quality products. If you decide to upgrade, it's still a snip, and the eBay tools and expert guidance you get will undoubtedly help your online sales no end. So why not try Productsourcing.com today?

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