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Inventorysource.com is another great drop ship website, making itto our Top 10. Join for free and get access to hundreds of supplierss, giving you a wide range of branded products to promote and sell on your website or auction page. You'll find some great membership features too, including upgrades to help your business stand out. On the downside, it's not always the easiest site to use, especially if you're new to drop shipping, as the language can be quite technical. There doesn't seem to be a clear returns policy set out either. 

As with all of the best sites in this category, Inventorysource.com is a great looking, professional website packed with plenty of features to assist you in your online retail business. You can browse some of the features without signing up, although the product catalog and prices can't be viewed until you've registered. Inventorysource.com act neither as middlemen nor as wholesalers. Rather, their time and effort is spent researching wholesalers and suppliers of goods and bringing the best of these to a single platform where online retailers can find the lowest priced products.

You'll find over 1,000,000 products and hundreds of suppliers on the site, representing a tremendous range and guaranteeing that you'll never be short of products to promote. You'll also find plenty of top brands, including Intel, DeLonghi, Sunbeam, Hugo Boss and many more. So you know that the products you are selling are of the highest quality at below retail prices. There are 27 main product categories broken down into sub-categories that are browsable on the site. Product categories include 'Computers & electronics', 'Jewelry', 'Health & beauty', 'Hardware & tools' and many more. This offers the online retailer plenty of scope for specializing in a particular area or offering a real mix of items. Each category features hundreds or even thousands of products. By clicking on a thumbnail image you can access all kinds of detail, including product descriptions, wholesale price, shipping fees, shipping details, similar items, stock levels and more. When browsing you can use a keyword search, add items to your basket, find similar items, review items and watch products. 

It's easy to join and there are 4 membership types available. The Standard Membership is free and gives you access to the supplier directory, community features such as the blog, drop ship tutorials, monthly newsletter and email alerts. If you're a casual seller and want slightly more, for a reasonable fee you can upgrade to a Download File User Membership. With this you get integrated product details and images for eBay, Amazon and Yahoo, as well as CSV or XML feeds to your online store. There are also new product alerts so you can sell new items straight away, and there's dedicated phone and email support. If you have your own site, the Full Automation User Membership gives you advanced product image and detail uploads direct to your site, automatic inventory updates and automatic new product uploading, saving you the time of having to manually update product details. Finally, if you're considering your own site but don't currently have one, the Hosted Website User Membership provides you with an online store with free hosting, email address, SSL encryption for your sales and full platform support. In terms of value for money, it's probably best to start with the free membership, which is good value. It's unusual to have to pay to add suppliers to your membership, but this allows you more control and means that you don't have to pay to source products that you don't want to sell; add as few or as many as you like.      

Other features include a wealth of add-ons to help boost your business. For example, you can get custom file formats so that you can add your own details to product data that can then be loaded to your sales platform. Meanwhile, if you're keen to make your existing website or auction page really stand out, there are plenty of design options for which you pay a fee, from a simple logo design right up to a complete professionally crafted website package. However, these can work out quite expensive on top of your membership fees. There's also shipping and handling fees to be aware of, so it's probably best to give your business a chance before splurging extra cash for add-ons. Should you require any assistance, there are various help guides and ecommerce tutorial articles on the site. However, some of the more basic information is missing, for example, at the time of this review we couldn't find a clear returns policy. You can also contact customer support by phone or email. 

In summary, Inventorysource.com has all of the great features you'd expect from a drop ship website but can be a little confusing for the new member, thanks in no small part to the technical language used to explain details. However, casual sellers have a lot to gain from joining and the membership fees can be very reasonable for what you get. Why not sign up and give it a free trial today?

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