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Please note that Shopster has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Shopster below, or check out the rest of the US Drop Shipping Services we've reviewed.

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Running down our Top 10, Shopster.com represents a real step-up in online drop shipping websites. With a slick, professional look, the top sites offer a little more in terms of product sourcing, features and support, offering a more comprehensive service. Whilst there's much to recommend Shopster.com and the sites above it to casual online sellers, they're somewhat more geared to the more serious online retailer. So what do you get for your membership fee that makes the difference?

First of all, it's necessary to mention that the layout of the top sites is altogether more professional and user friendly, without some of the problems that occasionally affect other drop ship sites, such as a confused or cluttered layout. Clearly, plenty of time and effort has been put into the layout of this site, making it easy to use as a new member. Another, more unfortunate aspect of this professionalism is that the sites tend to be less open about revealing product details to non-members. Therefore, don't expect to roll up and access product ranges and price lists without having paid for membership. Upon registering you'll find a product range of more than 5,000,000 items covering a wide range of categories. These include apparel & shoes, electronics & accessories, computers, home & garden, jewelry & watches, hardware & tools and more. Shopster.com are neither wholesalers or middlemen; instead, they work to scour the web for the best drop ship and wholesale companies offering the best products at the lowest prices. It's difficult to give an exact answer as to whether they do offer the lowest prices, as this will depend on the supplier and the amount you purchase.

In addition to supplying products for online retailers, Shopster.com operates a network whereby it's also possible to supply your own products to other retailers, thereby operating a two-way process. You'll find a number of membership options to choose from. The free Standard Membership will help get you going, but the limitations may soon become obstructive. You can list up to 15 products per month on eBay or your online store, get a limited range of storefront templates to make your auction page stand out, as well as limited access to the Shopster.com directory and warehouse, which basically means that some of the product range will be off-limits (i.e. more popular products). You don't get to add your own products to the network either. There's no limit on how long you can remain a free member.

You might choose to upgrade or start out with an upgraded membership. All offer similar features, but the cheaper memberships tend to have restrictions. At the bottom end is the Power Merchant Starter Membership. This allows you to list 200 products per month on eBay and the Shopster.com network, 5 storefront templates and 5GB bandwidth access to the directory. All premium memberships receive full access to the Shopster.com directory and product warehouse. The Power Merchant Pro Membership lets you list 2,500 products in your store/eBay and on the network, full storefront template access and 10GB bandwidth access. Meanwhile, the Power Merchant Enterprise Membership lets you list 20,000 products on both your store/eBay and Shopster.com network, full storefront template access and 50GB bandwidth.

An important point to note is that each premium membership carries different handling fees, such that the higher the membership, the less the fee (Starters pay 2.3% transaction fees, Pros pay 1% and Enterpriser members pay 0.5%). The Pro and Enterprise Memberships also include a bulk product upload tool to help you list items more quickly. Finally, the Enterprise Membership also includes custom logo design, an ecommerce store review, advanced search engine and webstore optimization package. 

As with the other top sites, there's plenty of guidance online, including online videos (132, albeit brief and rather general), giving tips on customer loyalty, getting a domain name, selling tips and more. Customer support includes ecommerce and drop ship FAQs, readable online articles, selling online 'webinars' and more. You can also get support via a toll-free number or email. 

Shopster.com is a real step up in drop ship website. In addition to a great product range and membership features, you can enhance your online sales by using online resources to learn more about drop shipping and online selling. With a free trial period and up to $1,000 off opening an online store, there's much to boost the success of your business right here.

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Please note that Shopster has now been discontinued.

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