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Drop Ship Access - charging our credit card
30 August 2014
Reviewer: Mjp from Ohio, USA

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BEWARE!!! I was looking at our credit card bill from Aug. 2014 and noticed a charge of $49.95. In looking back at the history I see that the charge has been on there since Nov. 2013. I had no idea what the charge was for. I did some investigation and it was traced to Drop Ship Access. I am not familiar with the business nor have I ever used it but they somehow have been charging $49.95 to our credit card account for the past several months. I emailed them to let them know they were charging us erroneously and asked them to refund the money, as I had no knowledge of this and do not know who did this or how it could have happened. They refused a refund so I am out $49.95 from Nov. 2013 to Aug. 2014, which is no small amount. I have canceled the account, that I did not know existed. So watch out for their activity on your credit card bill. I guess I have no repercussion and have just lost several hundred dollars for a service I did never used, or knew about. I don't know if there is any way to get to the bottom of this. I will be watching my credit card bill very closely. I recommend you do the same, for any unfamiliar charges, because there is no recouping them.

In summary, I would not recommend Drop Ship Access to a friend.

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