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Great products, average pricing, no customer service
13 September 2014
Reviewer: Cc from San Diego, CA

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I used PS for free for about 6 months before buying the premium account. This opened up what seemed like an endless variety of products, many of which are top brands. I have had a very difficult time selling, mostly on Ebay, but this is obviously my issue. I think every dropship retailer on Ebay is probably selling proudcts off the PS site, so the competition is fierce. For the sales I have made, it's been a good experience. No problems. The one issue I have with PS is lack of customer support. I have had a couple of problems with the site and even though they were eventually resolved, I never received any kind of response or acknowledgement from. Funny thing is, there doesn't appear to be anywhere on the site where I would receive messages. So I'm assuming they would email. I have a big issue now because the "push to ebay" tool has seemingly disappeared. The button on the product page just isn't there anymore. I've sent them 4 messages over the last 2 weeks with absolutely no response, and the problem is still there. So I have to list everything manually. I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem, or what. $300 annually for a premium account is a lot of money, and the "push to ebay" tool is worth a lot of that. But at this time I'm not getting my money's worth. Would I recommend productsourcing.com? I highly recommend trying the free version for awhile. Dropship retailing can be a great way to make an extra income, but it is extremely competitive, so spend time finding a niche in the market. Do I recommend spending the money on the premium account? Not without the "push to ebay" tool.

In summary, I would recommend Product Sourcing to a friend.

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