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Please note that Electronix HQ has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Electronix HQ below, or check out the rest of the US Drop Shipping Services we've reviewed.

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Website: http://www.electronixhq.com

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Electronix HQ Review

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Electronixhq.com is a great looking site that takes a straightforward approach to drop shipping services, offering a single category of membership. Ideal for those wanting to start up their own online electronics sales business, there's everything here to help you succeed including a great range of products from top suppliers and manufacturers. 

It's easy to sign up for membership to electronixhq.com and takes just a couple of minutes. Membership is for a lifetime, which is terrific value. At the time of this review you could save $190.00; that's a lifetime membership for just $59.99 instead of $249.99! The website itself is well set out and simple to navigate without looking too polished or professional. However, It doesn't really inspire the confidence that much time has been invested in the design, but such superficial issues don't really compare to the important stuff, for example, 'what kind of product range do they have?'.

Plenty of drop shipping sites feature electrical items and electronics accessories and parts, so you'd expect lots of competition. It's great to see that electronixhq.com holds its own in this regard. In addition to providing an impressive range of hardware products, software and software licensing, they carry and drop ship almost every named brand IT manufacturer under the sun. You can view all of these on the site, including Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Dell, Lenovo, Symantec, Acer, Hitachi, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Apple, Samsung, IBM, Xerox, Cisco and many more. You'll find literally hundreds of thousands of products stored in 12 warehouses, including laptops, cameras, TVs, office equipment, printers, software and much more, all packed and ready to ship to your customers. Given the range of products available, there's no need to deal with multiple suppliers. This makes it easy to configure your business by dealing with a single platform, allowing you to concentrate on sales. They promise that their prices are the lowest on the net but the problem is that until you join you don't get to see them, but rest assured that they mean what they say.

The ordering system is clear and easy to use. You can also use a keyword search and filters when browsing products (keywords, by manufacturer, by product category, price, only products in stock). Stock is updated in real time so you never have to worry about being caught unawares by an item being sold out. When stock levels are low new stock is ordered automatically so you never have to worry about disappointing your customers. No special technical knowledge is required to operate the ordering platform. At the top of the homepage there are 5 tabs that help you do pretty much everything you need to promote products, order items and generally run your business on the site. You can also check out how drop shipping works and readable testimonials if you're new to this kind of online venture. It's a great choice if you're looking to establish an online electronics supply business without having to stock or ship any products; neither will you experience worries about an item selling. It therefore takes all of the risk out of starting a business.

It should be noted that it's not currently possible to ship outside the USA. However, one solution would be to have products initially mailed to you and then mailed on to your customer and adding the extra shipping cost on to your retail price. Unlike some other sites, electronixhq.com handle any returns if applicable. Volume resell and volume buyer incentives are offered on the site, but not discussed in detail. To find out more would require you to get in contact with electronixhq in order to discuss your individual business needs. Site support is available by email and telephone. There's also plenty of information on electronixhq.com and a FAQs section, which isn't all that helpful. It doesn't really say much about technical support and returns, which you do get on other sites. You should call and find out a little more about terms and conditions before you sign up. It's not very user-friendly if you're not a member.

In summary, electronixhq.com is one of the best drop ship suppliers out there on the web today. With great priced membership, a huge product range with plenty of big names and a simple to use site, if you're looking to start or boost your online sales business then look no further.

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Please note that Electronix HQ has now been discontinued.

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