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TERRIBLE if you order from them instead of wholesale
21 April 2014
Reviewer: Nothappy123456 from USA

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If you decide to order from them, be prepared for too high shipping costs listed (2x what the wholesaler had listed on site) and incorrect inventory. I placed an order and was told it was processing, 5 days later there was still no tracking number and so I inquired. I was then told it was backordered and they were still showing 28 in stock! I ended up having to order the item from a retail site at a $40 loss (not including eBay and Paypal fees) to make this right. There was no way I could go back 5 days later and say sorry, I don't have it.

No notice that an item is backordered (especially when it states there are 28 available) until I reach out, is unacceptable.

In summary, I would not recommend Wholesale2b to a friend.

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Wholesale2b.com - Not much use in the end.
06 January 2014
Reviewer: James Chapman from Australia

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I have recently joined wholesale2b.com.

It is easy to join and fairly easy to navigate around the site. The plans seem simple and appealing. The problem is they are simply not practical solutions to what we are looking for in data suppliers.

Yes you can get a data feed with hundreds or even thousands of products. That sounds great until you obtain the CSV file and try to upload it into eBay, eBid - or in my case Bonanza. Then you will find the data feed wholesale2b.com supply does not have the proper product categorization for any of its wholesale suppliers.

So in effect you are given a nice big CSV file that is absolutely useless. Because you then have to manually change the categories for the hundreds or thousands of products you want to list for sale. Impractical. And yet this is supposed to be the very aspect of data supply that you want to be paying for and have the work done. Otherwise you might as well be doing all the listings manually anyway!!!

All these services sound great folks, but in the end they don't stack up and don't do what you need them to do. Save you money. Start... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Wholesale2b to a friend.

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Would not recommend
02 August 2012
Reviewer: Tltice from Carthage, MO

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Please be aware of this company as they do not disclose in their terms and conditions that if you place a "high volume of orders" that you will be required to wire them money to their bank account rather than using PayPal. This was not disclosed until I placed several orders and before they would place the order I was required to wire the money. Even telling me that I should "wire them more than the order" so that future orders would not be delayed and they would simply deduct it from the overpayment. What's the purpose of drop shipping then, the whole idea is no overhead? I would not recommend this company to anyone as all of your profit will eventually be eaten up with "wire" charges.

Also, they charge a ridiculous rate of 3% PLUS $2.50 for every order you place; on top of the very LARGE shipping rates. Most shipping rates are average $10-$12.

In summary, I would not recommend Wholesale2b to a friend.

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Wholesale 2 B a middleman option. ok for newbies
20 June 2012
Reviewer: Sandman from Amelia Island, FL, USA

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They have options for a few supplier sources, but also a few middleman programs are listed so when you try to sell items you might not even be working with the direct source. I found a supplier I wanted to use but once I did more research I found they were just getting their products from other suppliers. They have some file formats but the tool is bulky and I could not get any support for the website i use so the non of the file options I paid for worked for me. I looked at the affiliate cart they have but there is no support other then some guides for the cart and I dont want to change to a new site which seemed to be my only option for more product listings. It is not a good option for people ready to sell. It might be ok for a new user since they let you order from them as a middleman without needing a tax ID, but it only takes a few minutes to fill in the form to get a tax ID so there was no real advantage and I could get better pricing by... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Wholesale2b to a friend.

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